Produced by Francesco Juilland (RSC Productions), Hao Li (Beijing Pure Entertainment Company Ltd) and Jonathan Vanger (Trans Films Media International), this Chinese-International blockbuster is an epic and daring reimagining of Jack London’s evergreen novel White Fang. The eponymous film is filmed international locales such as the landscapes of Xinjiang, China, the snowscapes of Canadian wilderness and the bustling old towns of Canton. The story is about Matt’s voyage in finding the perpetrator of a crime against his brother and finding the latter’s Gold cave in the North. At the same time, his half-Chinese nephew Wheedon, is trying to reunite with his own father. They meet Jiaqi, a beautiful Traditional Chinese doctor, who is travelling to Dawson to join her brother. From China Town, San Francisco, all the way to Alaska, they meet many obstacles along the way. During the expedition, the trio encounters Wolfdog White Fang far from human civilization, and they help each other through their challenges. The characters experience love, redemption and finally catharsis, as they discover the gold mine, and they bring honour and respect to their families.