A wilful Asian-American girl, Taotao, is sent to USC in America as a punishment from her father for drunk driving. She meets a gullible city boy from Beijing, Zhengfan and sparks ensue. At a beach party, the pair are implicated in a burglary and filmed unwittingly by bystanders. They are portrayed as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde when the video goes viral on social media. Taotao and Zhengfan begrudgingly pretends to be lovers to keep up pretences. Both cannot see eye-to-eye and Zhengfan makes a big show of breaking up with Taotao. Surprisingly, absence makes the heart grow fonder as the pair realises how much they mean to each other. At this time, Zhengfan’s family falls into financial difficulty. Taotao hatches a deal with the bank teller of Chinese Hawala (underground money lender) – the latter poses as the boss of the Mafia and kidnaps her. Zhengfan’s father flies to America from Beijing and after a pain-staking journey, the duo “rescues” Taotao. However, Zhengfan is implicated in the kidnapping and is charged in court. On the actual day, the Bank Teller and Taotao engage in a verbal sparring before the judge.
A crime committed in the name of love adds to a maddening romance. This film has great potential, after the PR storm behind Kevin Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians. It will be helmed by a yet unnamed director who has behind a USD130m Chinese movie in 2016.