Based on the story of a best-selling web series by Gui Maxin, The Wind’s Pre-mediation is a psychological thriller than captivated the hearts of millions of netizens. It is the intelligent man’s mystery that the audience will enjoy solving on screen.

The story opens to eerie strains of Tersea Tang’s famous song, Sweet Honey, as the audience witnesses the first of many bloody crime scenes. The victims – the murder victim and the first police officer on the scene. The murder weapon – a disappearing bow and arrow. The terrifying mastermind is the “Firefly Killer”, a mysterious murderer and evil genius, who leaves a note at the scene of the crime, taunting the police. “I will pay you three million dollars in exchange for finding the man I love”.

At the same time, the audience is introduced to our protagonist, Moran. She discovers that the members of a “Lonely Hearts Single Club” she was part of a few years ago, have started to die in mysterious circumstances. A curse left on the club’s messaging board is now coming true. Moran, along with her lover of thirteen years, Gaojing, experiences the exasperation of a dying romance, yet work together to discover the intricacies of the mystery at hand. Slowly they discover the links between the murders – the clues are in Teresa Teng’s song lyrics, a strange coin and the positions of how the victims were murdered. These are all breadcrumbs that the “Firefly Killer” left behind so that she can play a high-stakes game with Moran and Gaojing.

One day, Gaojing receives a sinister call from a woman. “Many years ago, I once met you…” He struggles to remember the past, but deep down inside he knows that the serial killer is right beside him.