We all know that cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming a huge emerging industry and many are discovering that block chain technology is one of the future technologies of the world. BitCoin is a huge success, but reality is very hard to mine, expensive and really show little exit point for the average user out there today. Entertainment touches everyone, we are now introducing the Coin for Entertainment, simply put it means “Latin for Money” Pecunia.

Users, content owners and media companies will mine through a green energy user base activity mining – simply put no energy is used to mine, and it drives entertainment across multiple global platforms, music, film and entertainment globally – so across platforms the more you view, you introduce, you load and you remain; you will be rewarded as you have mined, simply put you have created value for the entertainment industry.

The team consists of successful technologists, music and film managers, entertainment internet companies not just looking for the next up and coming Cryptocurrency but creating the global Coin for entertainment that all enjoy from earning to spending and equally child friendly with a development team that’s helped develop several Cryptocurrencies and developing global exchanges.

The Cryptocurrency boom should be not be likened to the Dot Com boom as that states it’s a fad you should link what we do to development such as Google, Facebook, Amazon as leaders that evolved from this boom.

We welcome you to the currency that rewards the artists and the viewers as collectively you are simply the asset that is called entertainment.