Ron Creevey Executive Producer
HeliPad Film Investor


Planet Vega, a breath-taking world of unparalleled beauty, is home to the 10 year-old Abner. Like his father, he dreams of nothing more than to explore the entire universe as he gazes up at the star-filled, majestic twilight skyscape. For Abner however, such dreams seem almost unrealistic as he and his father, Elias, live a humble, nomadic lifestyle on the seemingly endless desert-scape of Vega. 
Yet not so far away, separate from the colonies, is another Vega – home only to an elite class ‘The Vega Empire Command’, who have created and built a technological empire unexcelled in the universe, based on control and manipulation.  It is a world Elias knows and fears.  A world he has kept secret from Abner over the years and, despite this, he is also keenly aware that he can only shepherd his beloved son for so long. 
We journey through the symbolic landscape of the subconscious mind as we follow the story of an unbreakable bond between father and son.  A bond that transcends SPACE AND TIME.
This uncompromising short film goes beyond it’s class – a Sci-Fi epic fusing two distant worlds in a hallucinogenic roller-coaster ride through the darkest chasms of the mind.

• Cognition is a Sci-fi themed top quality co-production with the BBC, Ron Creevey and HeliPad have invested ~$75,000 in capital more importantly invaluable time and energy in the production.
• Leveraging the BBC’s relationship and brand, production has been able to create a quality product at <$0.5m budget. • BBC was able to organize a 70 Piece Symphonic Orchestra performance at Air Studios, London
• Helipad currently owns 16% rights in ‘Cognition’ and expects a strong box office performance which can earn >~5x returns

Sci-Fi / Drama / Psychological Thriller 
Andrew Scott (Sherlock Holmes, Spectre, BAFTA Award Winner / 2x Lawrence Olivier Actor Award Winner) 
Jeremy Irvine (Warhorse, Billionaire Boy’s Club, Railway Man) 
Wolf Kahler (Wonder Woman, Sherlock Holmes, Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Lucy Russell (Toni Erdmann, Batman Begins)
Milo Panni 
Georgia Sandle